House preparation before arrival of Day Old Chick

Follow this procedure step by step for house cleaning & disinfection.

The importance of house preparation:

  • To prevent the introduction of infectious agents into the farm
  • To prevent the spread of disease between farms and between sheds on the farm
  • To minimize the potential disease risk of chick
  • To get the disease free flock.

  1. At first Spray insecticide (darsban- 5ml/10 ltr.) on litter and outside of the shed. But spray in outside should be done first.
Spray outside of farm
  1. Spray disinfectant ( vircon-s) outside and inside of the shed.
  2. Packing the litter and close the bag & remove it outside of the farm.

    House cleaning & disinfection

4.Use rodenticide outside and inside of the shed.

5.Clean all equipment, partition net, side curtain, ceiling & floor (dry cleaning).

6.Then Spray insecticide both outside and inside of the shed.

8.Then Clean all the types of equipment and materials with detergent and steel wool.

9.Then Wash all parts of the shed with equipment by fresh water with pressure pump

(if possible, wash should be done by hot water).

10.Spray disinfectant (vircon-s) both outside & inside of the shed

11.Then Spray quaternary ammonium based disinfectant (like- Aldekol DS, timsen) inside the house

12.Then Spray Formalin (15%) inside the house & keep for 2 days

13.Next Water line and Tank cleaning should start after culling with sanitizer (halogen group like chlorine). The nipple line must contain sanitizer from 24- 48 hrs

14.Make Laboratory test & be confirmed that the shed is free from pathogenic microorganism

15.Fumigate the shed by Paraformaldehyde prill (dose: 10g/ cubic meter)

House fumigation

Fumigate inside the house with all brooding materials

  • Brooder
  • Chick tray
  • Chick drinker
  • Rice husk
  1.    Fumigation must be started the last end of the shed


2. Care should be taken during fumigation, house must be closed after 24 hrs of fumigation

16.Before arrival of chicks, we must spray one-time iodine and one time

vircon-s on the entire material and rice husk

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