DOC or Chick Receiving Procedure-Part-1 (Poultry)

DOC or Chick Receiving Procedure


    1. Brooding for summer is 2-3 wks and winter is 4-5 wks. Before the arrival of chick or DOC, you have to clean,


    1. disinfection and fumigation of the shed and then have to make chicks guard. A diameter of chicks guard is 8-9 ft. for the winter season and 10-12 ft for the summer season. We have to put chicks paper over the rice husk.


DOC Receiving Procedure
Pic: Estimation of chick guard diameter
  1. Switch on the brooder before 24 hours of chicks arrival.

Switch on the brooder before 24 hours of chick arrival.
  1. The temperature must be 330C under the brooder and 30-31 0 C inside the shed. Record the temperature properly by the thermometer.
  2. Take initial weight before placing the chicks under the brooder.
Take initial weight
Pic: Initial body wt. taking

DOC Receiving Procedure have to continue

  • Then putting the chicks under the brooder by proper counting and observing to know the condition. Directly supply starter feed and water (using multivitamin & Vit-c) to the chicks under the brooder. The crop will be filled 80% with feed and water after 8 hours and 95% after 24 hours.
 Pic: Chick counting
Pic: Chick counting
  • In the close house, air speed is 2-2.5 meter/ second during the rearing period. But in brooding, which is 0.2 meter/second and same time we have to use the timer or minimum ventilation.


  •  If the chicks pile under the brooder, there is less temperature and if the chicks crowd near the chick guard, there is high temperature and if the chick remains uniform throughout the brooder, we have to understand that there is optimal temperature and chicks are in comfortable condition.
Pic: Feed is on the chick paper & uniform movement of chicks
Pic: Feed is on the chick paper & uniform movement of chicks
  • Always keep clean and sterilized water in the shed. In this time, we can use Acidified in the drinking water. The dose of acidifier will fill on PH level of drinking water. Example, if PH level of drinking water is 7, a dose of Acetic acid and Liptobac –L will be 15 ml/ 100 L and 50 ml/ 100 L of drinking water respectively.


    1. Don’t use acidifier in drinking water before one day and during the day of vaccination. But in the case of eye drop vaccine, acidifies will not be used only the day of vaccination.


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