Biosecurity in poultry farm, How to keep healthy , Part-1


 Biosecurity in poultry farm


  • Biosecurity is a set of management procedures that aim to limit the introduction and spread of disease – causing microorganisms into a poultry farm.
  • In simple say, bio-security means protection (security) of bird from harmful biological (bio) organisms.

 Infectious agents:                                    

  • Viruses (Avian Influenza, Gumboro, ND etc.)
  • Bacteria (Colibacillosis, Pasteurellosis, Salmonellosis etc.)
  • Fungi (Aspergillosis etc.)
  • Protozoa and Parasites

(Coccidiosis, Intestinal worms etc.)

Objectives of Biosecurity:

  1. have To keep lethal, highly contagious diseases out of premise
  2. To reduce challenges by common pathogens known to reduce productivity- e.g. E coli, Coccidiosis etc.
  3. have To eliminate immunosuppressive agents such as – MD, CA, IBD etc.
  4. Must be  reduce contamination with agents of public health significance such as- Salmonella or Compylobacter.

Three key levels of Biosecurity:

  • Conceptual Bio-security
  • Structural Bio-security
  • Operational Bio-security

Conceptual Bio-security:

  • Involves sites planning
  • Location e.g. proximity to other farm’s transport etc.

Almost impossible to change once committed without very high cost.

Structural Bio-security:

  • Concerns the design of the farm and buildings.
  • Includes house design (easy to clean), site layout and security.

Operational Bio-security

  • Minimize the no. of visitors to the poultry farm by locking the entry gates.
  • All persons entering the farm should follow

Bio-security  procedures.

    – taking of showers

– wearing clean farm clothes

  • Quarantine restriction (3 to 5 days) since visitation must be mandatory for all individuals
  • Follow all in all out system.
  1. General procedure

All staff and visitors should follow these actions before entering any farm.

Prior to entering a farm:
  • Determine any industry quarantine (time between farm visits, as required by the industry).
  • Ensure you arrive with clean clothing and footwear

(Not covered in mud or manure)

  • Ensure your vehicle is not covered in mud and manure                                     

                                          Fig. Vehicle spraying        

²   All staff visiting poultry farms must declare if they have visited any overseas countries within the last week. This is in relation to preventing the introduction of avian influenza (particularly H5N1 strain).

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  • On most poultry farms a visitor book and quarantine declaration must be signed before entering the site.

Quarantine declaration must be signed before entering the site.

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