Best Fishing Rods for beginners

Best Fishing Rods for beginners

I have heard this question a lot, what are the BEST fishing rods for beginners. There isn’t just one solution to this question. First, identify what style of fishing you would like to try, are you going to just go to a lake or pond close to your house or are you going to the beach and want to try surf fishing?
First, lets talk about a simple and common situation. You want to take your kid fishings but you yourself don’t know too much about the sport or what the best fishing rod for your kid would be. My best advice would be to just go to your local sports store or outdoor shop, talk to the person working the fishing section and find a simple rod and reel combination, have them walk you through how it works and don’t spend too much money. You can’t really go wrong if you are just going to be doing some simple fishing in a neighborhood pond or lake. If you decide you like the sport, and decide to stay with it, that’s when I would recommend some more research and upgrading your equipment.

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Another common situation beginners find themselves in, is trying to learn how to surf fish. You go to the beach and see some people doing it, and you either you think it looks fun or your kids want to try fishing. My first word of advice would be to head to a shop that rents out gear, talk the store workers about how to set up your rig, what sort of bait to use and rent the equipment first.

That way you get a feel for what it’s actually like before you invest money into it. For your first time, I would recommend a 10 or 11-foot rod, it adds versatility and casting distance. A 9 footer would be ok, but you will have a better time with a longer rod. Another good option would be to find some gear on craigslist or a similar site and find someone trying to ditch their gear. You can usually find a good deal and as long as the reel works you should be fine. Below is a decent video discussing the difference between graphite and fiberglass rods

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