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Medicinal Compost Recipe for Success.

The single most important improvement you can make to every vineyard, farm field, lawn, and the garden is to make and apply compost. We’re often asked what is the ideal formula for general
use. Here it is!

best compost system
1. Make two piles of ingredients of equal volume. One pile will have the brown vegetable matter in it, preferably straw (not rice straw – too much silica), or spoiled hay. The second pile will be your manure pile.
2. Mix:
  • 6 parts fresh cow (not steer) manure (if you can get it, older if you can’t),
  • 2 parts horse manure with straw, not wood chips (which deplete the nitrogen in your pile),
  • 1 part bird manure, either chicken or turkey, with feathers and bedding if wood chips are not used, and
  • 1 part the cullings from your garden, farm field or vineyard.

This last item in vineyards would best be grape pumice, what is left over after the grapes are crushed. The reason you use what came from your garden, lawn (grass clippings), field or vineyard is simple. Plants absorb nutrients that come from the breakdown of their own bodies, i.e. leaves, branches, fruit, and flowers. Plants have evolved over the millennia by recognizing that which comes from themselves, in part, as their natural food. By adding this ingredient to the compost pile, you are providing your crop with the food it knows best. This makes your plants healthier and less stressed.

Why manure and not mineral or chemical fertilizers?

Dr. Rudolf Steiner pointed out 1924 that plants that have been treated with any kind of mineral fertilizer will show by their growth that they have been sustained only by stimulated water and not by enlivened earthiness, i.e. manure broken down into compost-humus. Plants thrive best on humus. In Nature, animals provide manure of all kinds from tiny insects through large animals like cows and horses. It is their natural state.
3. Take both piles, being sure that they are moist, not wet evenly throughout, and mix them either in bulk or by layering 3-inch alternating layers on a pile intermixed with a small amount of garden soil. Always build your pile in an area where tree roots will not grow up into it.
Always make an effort to get the highest quality ingredients for the best plant food. Before covering your compost-to-be with dirt and straw, apply the Compost Invigorator™. Four ounces of this remedy will treat up 20 cubic yards and will not only help the compost retain nitrogen and other elements, it will help guide the breakdown so that you end up with the highest quality Medicinal Compost™. Texas “T” Machines Compost Tea maker Mark Chapin uses Compost Invigorator in his compost tea.

Agriculture homeopathically prepared Compost Invigorator combines all of Steiner’s preparations including yarrow, chamomile, stinging nettle, oak bark, dandelion, and valerian plus horsetail (Equisetum arvensa).

Compost Invigorator is made to be applied as a spray to the outside of a compost pile rather than laboriously digging holes in the heap and inserting each preparation one at a time. This saves tremendous amounts of time, money and labor compared to the old fashioned, “horse and buggy” method.

In making Medicinal Compost™, your goal is to make hummus, a brown, oily feeling kind of soil. Humus is highly complex, colloidal and round in shape, which makes it feel oily but it is not. Humus can be stable for up to 200 years. It is Nature’s perfect food. Cover the pile with a thin layer of soil (1/4”), then cover that with 1 foot of straw from broken flakes of a straw bale, not thick “biscuits” that won’t let the pile breathe. In this way, you keep the outer surface from drying out and losing that compost to the sun, wind, and rain. If it rains frequently or heavily, cover it with a tarp on occasion.

Rainwater is good for compost. Excessive rainwater washes out the nutrients. Wait for 6 to 12 months. Inspect it from time to time to be sure it doesn’t overheat from too little moisture or excessive heat. This pile should heat up to about 135º F., enough to kill pathogens and small seeds. If the pile overheats or goes sour from too much water, simply break it down, dry it out or wet it, rebuild it, spray with Compost Invigorator™, cover it with straw and try again.

Agriculture homeopathically prepared Steiner compost remedy “Compost Invigorator” takes up to 90% less time to prepare and use, compared to the raw preparations (BD Preps), and works better, faster, cheaper, and safer. Just Pour and Spray. 

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best compost system 
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